CathoGuard® 800/900


Cathodic e-coating, which is the first paint layer applied to a body, forms the basis for perfect automotive surfaces.


The demands on these paints are constantly increasing, and top quality in the areas of environmental and corrosion protection is more and more in demand.


CathoGuard® 800 and 900 are two innovative e-coat product lines that provide important new properties and thus are up to the challenges of the future.


They guarantee optimal metal protection and are already tin-free in compliance with pending European environmental legislation. The new BASF Coatings paints are very eco-friendly since they also contain less than one percent solvents. In addition, they are optimally suited for integrated application processes in which application of the primer coat is dispensed with. Another advantage of the new technologies is their compatibility with state-of-the-art pre-treatment processes.



Sustainably strong Or: Three cheers for CathoGuard 800®!