iGloss® highly scratch-resistant automotive clearcoat


Shiny, brilliant as a diamond and more scratch resistant than ever – this is the new BASF clearcoat innovation iGloss®.


With iGloss®, BASF has developed a new clearcoat for the automotive industry that sets new standards in scratch resistance. It permanently reduces the creation of annoying microscratches, like those that can come about at the car wash, for example. This preserves the “new car effect” for considerably longer.


iGloss® is the result of intensive research. The individual molecules of this coating are connected to each other to form a dense network. The closer the crosslinking, the more impervious the clearcoat is to mechanical damage. The aim of our research was therefore to create a network that is extremely stable without sacrificing any of its flexibility. And our researchers have succeeded in doing just that with iGloss®. It obtains its exceptional scratch resistance from its special lattice structure. iGloss® hybrid clearcoat combines the advantages of “hard” inorganic and “soft” organic substances. Combining the two ensures long-lasting gloss and greater overall durability.


iGloss® can be used both for OEM paintwork and for painting add-on parts. For both carmakers and car owners, the advantages of iGloss® are obvious: fewer scratches, higher gloss and many more years of fun with your car.



iGloss®: Scratch-resistant clearcoat