From color trend to trend color


Not only is the finish the car’s protective outer skin, it also provides a car’s aesthetic appeal. What turns a vehicle into an emotional product, though, is its color.


However, the same color does not suit every type of car, and not every color meets customers’ tastes to the same extent. This is the challenge faced by color designers across the world. They combine aesthetics with feasibility at the interface between design, engineering and marketing, with a keen feeling for the zeitgeist.




Created by color experts for automotive designers: Automotive Color Trends






Technology for future mobility: Red Dot awards BASF’s temperature management system for automotive coatings






Double win for functional coatings technology




In addition to many similarities, regional differences exist as well. The BASF designers in North America, Asia and Europe work closely with carmakers to hit the right tone.


The European designers present their colors at the Color Design Studio in Münster.


Color Design Studio Europe

Regional heads

You can set off on an expedition including a virtual tour through the work and presentation rooms of the Design Studio here.

Color Trends EMEA

Color Trends Asia/Pacific

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