The joy of experimenting

(published in E-journal 1/2013)

  A new and unusual tinting base is now enhancing the waterborne Glasurit® 90 Line refinish system, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012. 


Car owners who value an extravagant appearance of their vehicle will love the new color by Glasurit, BASF’s premium brand: The lime yellow tinting base contains a highly pure, transparent greenish yellow pigment that gives shades of yellow a green undertone and green special-effect colors a yellow undertone both at face and side view. Customers who love to experiment will find that the possibilities are endless.


With the new Glasurit 90-A 155 lime yellow, bodyshops can obtain more accurate refinish colors, both for yellowish-green and greenish-yellow special-effect coatings. With this extraordinary color, Glasurit has once again expanded the range of one of the most successful basecoat systems worldwide.


In 1992, Glasurit celebrated the premiere of its waterborne paint system. Twenty years later, thanks to its ongoing development, it is the preferred waterborne basecoat system of most of the bodyshops worldwide.


Glasurit 90 Line has made automotive refinishing future-ready and environmentally friendly. “Thanks to the low solvent content, with 90 Line, bodyshops have no problems complying with the current VOC regulations,” ­explained Dr. Thomas Krüger, head of Technology Management for Automotive Refinish Coatings at BASF. 90 Line has always stood out for its color accuracy, which is due to the perfect interplay between basecoat system and color system.


The integrated Glasurit Color Profi System makes it possible to reproduce more than 164,000 colors, simply, quickly and reliably. Glasurit is developing the technology on an ongoing basis. “To ensure that 90 Line continues to meet our customers’ demands worldwide, Glasurit is constantly working on innovations and improvements,” said Krüger. “We continuously expand the range of mixing bases to enable precise matching of the latest solid, metallic and special-effect colors.” The new Glasurit 90-A 155 lime yellow is a perfect addition to the line.