We create chemistry for a sustainable future

We consider sustainable development to mean combining long-term economic success with the protection of our environment and responsibility for our society. In this way, we create a balance between economic, environmental and social needs and secure development opportunities of future generations. We have incorporated this goal in our strategy.


More information on the topic of BASF's sustainable development is available here.


Biomass-balanced paints for automotive refinishing


BASF has launched new product lines in Europe for its Glasurit® and R-M® refinish paint brands that make automotive refinishing more sustainable. They are the world’s first refinish products manufactured according to the certified biomass balance approach, therefore contributing to reduce CO2 emissions.



Marco Benen,
Global Strategic Marketing, Sustainability Management


„We commit to the principle of sustainable development. It is our aim to combine economic success with environmental and social responsibility.”



Our environmental, health, safety and energy policy

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Corporate social responsibility

Collaboration between Audi, BASF and Covestro: New clearcoat with biobased hardener for automotive manufacturing

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New film "Be innovative – think sustainable!"


"Be innovative - think sustainable" was the motto of the 12th International R-M® Best Painter Contest 2016