Museum of Laquer Art

We have a passion for lacquer, dedicated to every dimension, quality and possibility of this generally undervalued material. Our Museum of Lacquer Art in Münster is all about the history of the coating, and its importance as an expression of art.

Lacquer started life in Asia as a natural material and has enchanted almost every culture throughout world history with its deep gloss and robust hardness. Immerse yourself in this fascinating world here in our museum!

The Museum of Lacquer Art, which was opened by BASF at Windthorststrasse 26 in 1993, is the only collection of its kind in the world. Visitors are invited to discover lacquer art from Southeast Asia, Europe and the Islamic world with objects spanning more than two millennia.

Special exhibitions provide more detail on historical and contemporary aspects of lacquer art. The museum holds regular tours, lectures, readings and concerts.


Visit the Museum for Laquer Art online here.

Gudrun Bühl

“I want to give our visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the world of lacquer art – to explore the exhibits, their diversity and the fascinating wealth of technical variation. They will learn that ‘lacquer,’ largely seen in the West as an industrial surface sealant, is a truly undervalued material with many surprising aspects. This can unlock a journey into countless cultures."

Dr. Gudrun Bühl, Director of the Museum of Lacquer Art