ColorCARE® SeeRIGHT is a simple tool to help correlate your visual impression with multi-angle color measurements.

Correlating visual and instrumental assessment of color for effect coatings can be quite difficult, because the viewing situation is often quite different from the measurement situation. The ColorCARE® SeeRIGHT helps a technician know whether they are viewing a car or panel near specular (the flash angle) or far away from specular (the flop angle) and, if near-specular, whether that specific geometry is the one measured by their instrument. 

Key Product Features

  • Works on all vehicles as well as on panels
  • Use in a light booth or outside in daylight
  • Magnetic – sticks to steel painted surfaces
  • Understand apparent visual / instrumental discrepancies
  • Easily distinguish Flash from Flop 
  • Quickly identify the viewing geometry
SeeRIGHT devise on a blue car

The device is painted with three coatings side by side. The color of the 3 sections tells you the angle of view.

How does it work?

If the middle (B) is lighter than the left (A), you are looking at far from specular (flop)

If the middle (B) is darker than the left (A) and the right (C) is intense purple, you are looking at near specular (flash) with ~15°illumination

If the middle (B) is darker than the left (A) and the right (C) is intense reddish-gold to green, you are looking at near specular (flash) with ~45°illumination

Here you can download the instructions.


Colors of ColorCARE® SeeRIGHT sections at different angles of detection with 45° illumination

Stuart Kendall Scott
Stuart Kendall Scott
Color Science-Technical Advisor