Our digital thinking

To accelerate digital transformation, we focus on agile working methods, empowerment and digitally skilled employees. We trust in strong partnerships and networks to incorporate external perspectives and expertise into our developments.

Our Digital Incubation Unit located in Münster’s startup scene of the Digital Hub münsterLAND at the harbor offers an environment to quickly prototype, adjust and even pivot to have a successful idea come to life. By integrating this mindset in our culture, we drive our digital transformation.

How problems turn into ventures: The agile working method of our Digital Incubation Unit

  • Step 1: Exploration

    After identifying a valuable user problem, possible solutions are creatively developed, e.g. by using Design Thinking. These ideas are sharpened, for example through interviews with the target group.

  • Step 2: Pilot

    The preferred solution is validated in the market as early as possible with the first prototypes. This can be a website or a sketch of paper for the still fictitious digital product in order to measure user behavior.

  • Step 3: Minimum Viable Product

    After several loops as a pilot, the prototype has matured into a Minimum Viable Product for which customers can be won. This product or service has a minimum of the properties that customers demand and can already create value – but it can also be expanded further.

  • Step 4: Scaling & Spin-off

    If the potential of the digital business model has been proven by the Minimum Viable Product, scaling can be done, for example, by a spin-off as a new venture.

RepairFix EN

The first digital venture of the Digital Incubation Unit is RepairFix, being a separate enterprise since January 2020. The tech startup meets the needs of changing mobility by developing the independent Europe-wide platform "motum". This connects car owners and drivers in a simple manner with providers in the automotive aftersales market in the event of damage or service. The photo-based damage assessment, the digital vehicle file and a certified Germany-wide service partner network are just a few examples of the diverse solutions.

Learn more about RepairFix