SUPERPOSITION 2021 – 2022 Color Collection

Become part of an extraordinary phenomenon: a SUPERPOSITION of Automotive Color Trends by BASF for 2021-2022.​ Each year, designers for BASF’s Coatings division create a new collection to inspire automotive designers. Delving into new color spaces, they also consider the growing demand for sustainability and functionality.​ This year’s collection is called SUPERPOSITION. A phenomenon from quantum mechanics, it defines a state where the limitation of binary systems is overcome.​

In other words, things aren’t just black or white, heads or tails, one or zero. The world has an uncountable number of variations in-between. This collection immerses itself in those variations.​ ​Our designers pinpoint trends and the forward-looking signals that influence those trends as they work to create cutting-edge shades and reinforce BASF’s global leadership in color. The latest palette, or some version of it, could be on the road and in your driveway in the next three to five model years.​ It’s a SUPERPOSITION of color from BASF.​

News Release about our new color collection

Key Colors

Get to know our key colors representing important color directions in the regions of Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas.