CODE-X 2020 – 2021 Color Collection

Overall, CODE-X makes the present moment shine, with an eye to the new future of mobility. The collection displays a variety of shades and effects in different color areas, and offers innovative concepts that intertwine surface, texture and color. These colors are smooth and familiar, yet some will still surprise and delight the viewer.

So many things have changed in the world around us. Faced with that change, this collection shows a fascination for the unknown, with an overriding sense of realistic positivity for the future, and willingness to work toward new goals. The colors of CODE-X are comfortable and human-centered. They give us the chance to reflect, and the clarity needed to switch direction – changing proven rules and leaving well-worn tracks to something new.

We are the designers of our own personal Golden Age. The golden-agers can be of any physical age, but they all have a common attitude – a willingness to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the future. The CODE-X collection shows there is beauty in not knowing what lies ahead, and we have the willingness to push on.

Here you find our News Release about our new color collection

Key Colors

Get to know our key colors representing important color directions in the regions of Asia Pacific, EMEA and North America.