Coatings Solutions

Driving Diversity

At BASF, diversity is part of our DNA. Learn more about how diverse we are and how we drive toward an even more diverse future.

Diversity goes beyond visible differences to include beliefs, ethnicity, age, gender, styles and backgrounds. It creates an environment in which all people are included, treated fairly, and respected.

By embracing the different perspectives of our colleagues, customers, and partners, we actively foster an inspiring exchange. With more than 70 sites around the world at BASF’s Coatings division, we unite many nationalities, diverse backgrounds and ideas with open minds and diverse thoughts.


"For us, diversity is more than just a word – it is the culture we live."

Laura De Santis, Diversity & Inclusion


In order to make better decisions through diverse backgrounds and experiences we aim to ...  

  • ... improve our mix of nationalities according to our local needs
  • ... broaden organizational perspectives through experience outside BASF's Coatings division 
  • ... increase the number of executives with international experience
  • ... increase the share of women in leadership roles to 30% by 2030