Colors, Effects and Emotions

Color turns cars into emotional products. Except for the shape, no other factor influences the way a vehicle is perceived as much as its color, giving the basecoat a crucial impact on the perception of a car.  

The diversity of basecoats is tremendous and has increased further within the past few years. From basic shades to complex effects – the possibilities for innovative color concepts are almost limitless. Our product portfolio contains solvent borne and waterborne basecoats. Both technologies are constantly updated. Our competence comprises all process steps in the basecoat development: We research trends and design innovative and creative color concepts. Furthermore, we have years in experience in translating design ideas into viable paints that are developed in our laboratories.

With our Individual Colors we cover the growing trend toward individualization. This program enables the production of individual colors on a small scale – based on the customer’s distinctive design ideas and requirements. If needed, a color can be produced for an individual car body.