Transparent Protection

The clearcoat gives the car its final touch. As the top layer of the automotive paint system, it provides an effective protection against harmful outside influences. At the same time, it is the layer that helps the car to shine.

To meet these demanding requirements, the clearcoat combines different performance criteria: It offers a high scratch resistance in wet and dry conditions as well as chemical resistance against things like bird droppings or oil. It also prevents weathering to keep the car as shiny as the day it rolled off the assembly line.

We offer a broad clearcoat portfolio for OEMs and Tiers covering the full range of different processes and substrates, including design-to-cost, high runner and premium solutions. It also provides products with special functionalities as well as outstanding design concepts.

Wash Brush Test

Brilliant gloss

Most vehicles on the streets have glossy clearcoats. They give cars a special shiny finish and a premium look and feel. With iGloss®, we offer a product that ensures a very long-lasting gloss effect. With its innovative formula that combines the advantages of “hard” inorganic and “soft” organic substances, iGloss® sets highest standards in scratch resistance. The technology preserves the “new car effect” considerably longer and offers a greater overall durability.

Innovative design concepts

Matte clearcoats are becoming more and more popular in the last few years for their ability to give a unique silky, smooth finish. Matte clearcoats also highlight the shape of a car, as the surrounding area is not reflected in its surface, like a glossy clearcoat would.

As next generation of matte clearcoats, structured clearcoats drive individualization even further. They bring texture effects on the car, highlighting the areas of the vehicle according to the designer’s wishes. Due to their extraordinary touch and feel, structured clearcoats invite the end customer to touch the surface.