Corrosion Protection

The e-coat protects the surface, edges and cavities of a car body from corrosion. In combination with the pre-treatment process, it provides an excellent base for applying subsequent paint layers.

The pre-treatment process prior to painting plays an essential role. It includes several steps to clean the car body, promote adhesion and provide a first barrier against corrosion. Afterward, the cathodic electrodeposition coat (e-coat) can be applied successfully. Only the intelligent combination of both – pre-treatment and e-coat – can ensure an excellent metal painted surface quality and optimal corrosion protection.

With CathoGuard® technologies, we provide a tailored product portfolio of automotive e-coat solutions. It covers products for car bodies as well as all metal parts including wheels, axles or chassis components. With the CathoGuard® 800 series, we are one of the market leaders in e-coat products that stand out for their high performance and eco-friendliness. We also offer solutions that meet the upcoming requirements of electric vehicles, enabling future mobility.    

CathoGuard® 800 series

  • High throwing power
  • Low consumption
  • High reactivity
  • Tin/HAPs-free
  • Low solvent content
  • Suitable for integrated processes
  • Compatible with new thin-film pretreatments  

>100 mio

cars have been coated with CathoGuard® 800