Welcome to the BASF Corporation - Coatings Division Supplier Website!

We value you as a partner and want to effectively communicate our requirements, share your supplier performance metrics as well as provide you with some usefull information on preventing silicone contamination. 

Also, as a valued supplier we want you to share with us any changes that could impact our products so that we can continue to give our customers quality that is expected from BASF.

Contact Information

Please use the following contact list for additional information or help:

Julia Beltser
Technical Upstream Manager
Phone: 001 248-304 5361 

Supplier Quality System Requirements

BASF Corporation - Coatings (OEM) Division is certified to the ISO/TS16949 quality system standard. This standard requires the suppliers of BASF to maintain, at a minimum, certification to the ISO9001 quality system standard.

If your company is not certified to this quality system standard, please contact us immediately!

Management of Change

As a supplier to BASF, we require you to submit a management of change request when making a change to packaging, chemistry, process, testing, specifications or when you are discontinuing products.

Crater Prevention

Here is information on what a crater is and what are some causes of this defect and how you can help prevent craters in our products.

We have listed possible sources of contamination as well as tips regarding how to assess your processes and advice on cleaning.

Crater Prevention Brochure

Your Guide to Crater Prevention

Paint Cratering Substances

Under review. Please contact us, if any questions