Color monitoring in the painting lines of the automotive industry

CoLiMo® stands for "Color Line Monitor", a web application for faster and more precise color monitoring of paint batches.

The CoLiMo® software combines the manufacturer's color measurements on the painting line with production data and automatically evaluates them. The line performance of the colors is easily analyzed thanks to the self-developed key performance indicators or KPIs. The users can see how each batch appears on the body. The automaker can derive forecasts and trends in the paint shop from this.


  • Improved batch quality in the first run through better color harmony
  • Easy color management via KPI
  • Mobile device ready
With CoLiMo®, we produce paint batches that are perfectly matched to the color standard to be achieved. Thus, we increase the quality of the color adjustments, achieve an even more uniform color harmony of the body and add-on parts, and provide our customers with a color-constant paint finish.

Dr. Jens Wegner

Digital Business Solutions

Jens Wegner
Dr. Jens Wegner
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