ColorCARE - Tailored success is no coincidence

The ColorCARE® Toolbox is a colorimetric software for the organization, evaluation and graphical representation of color and texture data and allows the automation of customer-specific measurement processes. The ColorCARE® Toolbox is used in industries where the objective evaluation of colors and textures is crucial.

ColorCARE stands for Color Controlled Accuracy and REliability and is a control and early warning system that ensures perfect color matching. Modern software allows a continuous check of the color harmony between bodies and add-on parts, such as tailgates, rear-view mirrors or door handles. Linking the instrumental color measurement with the analysis software converts statistical data into graphics and shows deviations reliably and early. Subsequently, the color can be adjusted according to the customer's needs. In this way, subsequent corrections and associated costs are avoided. The color data are supplemented by data describing effect finishes such as sparkling.

˃ 2,000

users worldwide trust the ColorCARE® software for quality control of colors and textures.

The ColorCARE® Toolbox

The quality control tool for color and texture data

  • Numerous options for the organization, evaluation and graphic representation of various color and texture data

  • Compatible with all standard colorimeters used in the automotive industry

  • A proprietary programming language enables automation of highly customized quality control processes

  • Comprehensive and efficient data management

  • Various ways to export data to as well as import data from other applications

  • A responsive and customizable graphical user interface