Pro4Fleet - From Professionals for Professionals 

Pro4Fleet offers complete support for the most efficient production process for all Special Vehicle Manufacturers. Products are perfectly matched, so that the best possible solution can be found between optimum protection and efficiency.


What you get from us

  • Customer-focused range of solutions and services for efficient paint production and processes
  • Robust products and services to withstand the harshest road conditions 
  • Diverse colors for custom color identities

The range of products and solutions includes all paint layers for OEM coating – from cathodic e-coating, body fillers, solvent-borne or waterborne primers to topcoats and clearcoats.

Pro4Fleet offers diverse and custom colors to create a unique identity for any vehicle.

The paint finish is highly durable. Whether it’s excellent corrosion protection, a high finish, or outstanding stone chip protection we have the right solution.

Pro4Fleet offers a global service and paint network that will help support customers to implement the most cost-efficient production and processes for Special Vehicles. The professional offer includes solutions regarding products and services for the special needs of customers.

From professionals for professionals – the tailored solutions for individual consulting with the focus on process and cost-efficiency based on customer requirements.