Decorative Paints in South America

BASF’s brand Suvinil is the most loved and traditional paints brand in Brazil. We believe that the relationship with your home brings happiness and fulfillment. We are always pursuing new painting solutions for you to express yourself and value your home.

For almost six decades, Suvinil has been painting people’s lives stories. Especially in Brazil, we are proud to be symbol for service and quality due to our innovative spirit to respond to customer demands, refining our products and launching the most exciting news on the market. We are the most preferred and considered brand for consumers, painters, architects and sellers.

No matter which surface you want to renew, our products offer you from protection of your family from bacteria, decoration with stylish effects, to even the most beautiful finishing to your walls, furniture, doors, floor and so on with paints, enamels, varnishes and other solutions.

If Brazil were a house, Suvinil would be all over it, inside and outside, for years. We learned from you to be who we are today. And today is forever – whenever you desire to change. To live your story, you can count on ours.

Mantra: Suvinil color of the year 2020

Mantra - Color of The Year  

A tone that makes us breathe, meditate and calm down, as we do when sitting on the top of a mountain or on the beach shore. Suvinil Color of the Year 2020 is just like sound vibration or the movement of waves, propagating and passing through different intensities until touching the emptiness of silence. Therefore, it was named Mantra and is diluted into two other subtones: Horizon and Contemplation .There are three new nuances of a meditative and regenerating bluish green.



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