NovaCoat-D – Very elastic in-mold coating that also demolds

NovaCoat-D is the unique combination of in-mold coating and release agent. Besides its demold properties, the coating provides additional functionalities like the protection against sunlight, scratches and dirt.

Key Product Features

  • Very flexible (up to 300,000 test cycles)
  • High mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance, UV- and hydrolysis protection
  • Improvement of the flow properties of soft-integral foams and thus avoiding defects on the foam
  • Can be applied in manual and automated processes
  • Vast range of colors and effects
Laura Wortmann
Laura Wortmann
Technical Application Manager

Our coating protects your PU foam against external impacts, which is especially valuable when using lightweight foams. By creating a hydrophobic surface, the foams are kept cleaner for a longer time. Its special formulation protects the foam against UV-aging – this makes stabilizing agents in your PU foam unnecessary. With our expertise we can offer a vast assortment of colors and effects, without compromising the functionalities of the demold coating.

Similar to conventional release agents, this coating is sprayed into molds before the polyurethane foam is injected - this can be done either manually or automatically, at the customer’s usual cycle times.

Customer Benefits

  • Enables fully automated shoe production
  • Extended product lifecycle from long-lasting coating protection
  • Fast color development to keep on track with rapid changing market trends
  • Offers compatibility with complex mold geometries and enhances design variety
  • No ‘cut-and-trim’ waste as in TPU foil processing
The first in-mold coating taht also demolds

NovaCoat-D – Get first impressions of some key product features

NovaCoat-D - Functional Demold Coating

Impressions of the application on a round table process

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