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Lighting Solutions 
One luminaire. Infinite design opportunities.

It's light's time to shine – with our films, you can manipulate light to create stand-out designs that weren´t possible before. For the lighting industry, Lighting Solutions of BASF offers a range of optical films with light control properties for greater luminaire design and flexibility than ever before.

Video introduces BASF Lighting Films


BASF's Lighting Solutions offers a portfolio of flexible and thin films, which are customizable in length and thickness. Seamless glare control luminaires, individual highlighting with WallWasher films, or indirect lighting ambience with BatWing effects are all possible without changes to the luminaire body. Take advantage of its full compatibility to our other products in your luminaire series!

Lighting Solutions Films

With endless production length for seamless luminaire designs, different light shapes, and exciting aesthetics, the light itself becomes a part of the interior design of any given space.

Performance by material, quality, and structure development. Our lighting films meet highest criteria in optical performance and functionality. Improve the glare-free luminous flux of your luminaires more than 20% by replacing your current glare control solution with our BASF GlareControl film.

You can bend the light in multiple directions simply by replacing the optical film – without changes to the luminaire body. Increase efficiency in your luminaire production and enhance application possibilities of your luminaires with this simple approach.

Virtually infinite production lengths end your limitations in luminaire design. Enjoy this new flexibility in your next luminaire project.

Manipulate the light by films without a single seam. Reach new levels of aesthetic luminaire design at highest optical performance by our truly seamless lighting films.

The innovative films are extremely smooth – structure patterns are invisible to the human eye. This makes the light in big interior spaces, such as in office or museum lighting, even more appealing meeting highest optical requirements.

Glare control foil