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Brilliant surfaces with excellent color depth

BASF polyester paints for pianos are particularly scratch-resistant, making wood surfaces retain their gloss for decades. 

Black is by far the most preferred color for pianos. For over 40 years, BASF has been working with the renowned musical company Steinway & Sons. More than 90% of the grand pianos produced by Steinway in Hamburg are coated with black paint made by BASF in Münster. BASF’s pigment paste offer the blackest black on the market, lowering the amount of scattered light, making the surface look more luxurious. That gloss lasts for decades to come.

Black’s not your preference? BASF also offers white paints as well as transparent polyester paints for wood surfaces, allowing the precious natural wood color and grain to shine through. The coatings not only protect wood instruments of any style, but can also be used for high-quality interior woodwork designs on boats or stores.


Charlotte Ulonska
Charlotte Ulonska
Piano Coatings
We rely on the highest quality. We value BASF as a trustworthy partner that has always fully met our demands on the best materials for our high-quality instruments.

Oliver Lunitz

Head of Procurement, Steinway & Sons

High-gloss surfaces for instruments or interior design

Polyester paints for wood surfaces

  • Excellent color depth
  • Excellent, unmistakable gloss 
  • Very high scratch resistance
  • Flexible and shock-resistant: resists cracking during production, drilling, milling or screwing
  • High solids content: more than 70% during application
  • Consistently high quality (batch-to-batch consistency)
  • Portfolio includes paraffin-containing and paraffin-free polyester paints
Grand piano of Steinway & Sons coated with black paint.