Our digital solutions

Working together with our customers, we have one vision: We create value by moving from a pure coatings player toward a surface solutions provider. Digitalization plays a key role in this.

We offer smart digital solutions that make our customer’s life easier and more efficient. At its core is our more than 125 years experience in coatings and application – digitalized in our data. Connecting it with data from customer’s production lines, we optimize automotive production processes and can even reduce production downtime. We believe that close collaboration and trust can create valuable ecosystems for both – us and our customers.


AUROOM enables OEM designers to access a database of photo-realistic virtual car colors. 

Our virtual colors capture all facets of automotive coatings including lightness flop, color flop and sparkling while our colorimetric know-how ensures their authenticity. By mapping these colors on car models, OEM designers can virtually paint every color proposal and gain realistic impressions of colors and effects on a complete car during an early design phase.

To demonstrate the colors and effects in the most authentic way possible, we also developed special virtual 3D car shapes – so-called Auvots. In order to assess compatibility of color with the overall design concept, OEM designers can choose shapes of different vehicle segments in AUROOM for color visualization. Four different AUVOT models represent the various car segments on the automotive market – from compact cars to SUVs.

Auvot LIT

Auvot LIT

Auvot LIT is the smallest one and its round, soft edges, molds and carefully designed lines are a more playful approach on how to display color.

Auvot MEA

Auvot MEA 

Auvot MEA features an aerodynamic form that reduces the geometry onto its simplistic, elegant premium look and feel.

Auvot 2x2

Auvot 2x2

Auvot 2x2 features structural lines, big surface areas and room for the right color to show off.



Auvot SPORTIF is provoking intense and surprising tough lines on the one side but exposing the beauty and sleekness on the other.

With our majority share of the Belgian internet platform UBench, we have invested in a digital business model. The innovative platform of UBench allows fleet, leasing and insurance companies to manage the full lifecycle of a car from regular maintenance and damage repair during usage until resale at the end of the life cycle. For all maintenance and damage repairs UBench is driven by ensuring that the car drivers' experience is convenient, fast and safe. This is achieved by platform driven collaboration of all relevant service providers such as vehicle repairers, loss adjustors, rental car companies, spare parts suppliers and whomever party is needed. Through the seamless and digital integration of all parties the platform ensures a fast, efficient and driver-oriented handling of the repair and resale. 

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When repairing damage on a car, color matching is a very important, yet complicated step that requires special expertise. Color solutions from our refinish brands Glasurit®, R-M® and baslac® comprises of digital color-matching tools including spectrophotometers and software that allows easier identification of the color of a car. It helps painters to find and adjust the right mixing formula, reducing the time needed for the whole process. Based on our own developed algorithms, the system recommends the most appropriate formula for any given color.

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Our Suvinil® brand for decorative paints supports every step of renovations digitally – from choosing the best color to painting the walls of our customer’s homes. With the COLORi device and the Suvinil Simulator app, any color of objects can be identified and matched with the most fitting shade from the portfolio. Another feature lets customers try up to 1,700 different Suvinil colors on the walls inside their home and the paint can be ordered via the online shop.

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