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Are you a producer of luminaires, a light designer or architect? We would like to work with you. BASF’s team for functional films and foils is engineering a variety of solutions for optical effects – from symmetrical light shapes for glare control to asymmetric guiding.

Martin Friedrich
Martin Friedrich
Lighting Solutions
Markus Mundus
Dr. Markus Mundus
Lighting Solutions
Jonathan Xie (谢嘉明)
Jonathan Xie (谢嘉明)
Lighting Solutions - Asia Pacific

Standard widths and lengths of the films depend on the respective product and can be found in the technical datasheet. For customization in lengths and widths please contact us or one of our distributors. 

The exact thickness depends on the chosen products. You can find this information in the related technical datasheet. Customization also includes variations of total film thickness from thinner films up to laminated products on plates.  

The light-steering films are used in the same way as diffuser films. Typically, the films are placed on a thin profile inside the luminaire.  This approach allows the quick and easy replacement of films to create various light distributions without other changes to the luminaire itself.

Our standard substrate material is a PET film. Customization options include products on PC films, or on PMMA and PC plates.

The films are very stable, and resist UV radiation and temperature changes. Details are given in the technical datasheets. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

Diffusors are in development and will be available soon.

We are happy to provide samples. For lower order volumes we can get you in contact with one of our distribution partners.

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