Diffuser – Highly efficient LED hiding

BASF Diffuser D40 is an innovative thin optical film with a unique microstructured surface. It offers exceptional performance in terms of both aesthetics and energy efficiency to optimize the performance of your luminaires.

With high LED hiding and excellent transmission properties, this thin film is specifically engineered to enhance the appearance and energy balance of your lighting fixtures. Its cutting-edge technology enables it to deliver superior optical performance, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of lighting applications.

Key properties and features

  • Rollable, flexible film solution
  • Highly efficient LED hiding for homogenous illumination
  • Pattern invisible to the eye for high aesthetics
  • Customizable in length, width, and thickness
  • High quality lamination on glass, PMMA or PC possible
Sustainable Diffuser

Driving Sustainable Solutions: Sustainable-Diffuser S-D40

The new BASF Sustainable-Diffuser S-D40 is a cutting-edge thin optical film with an innovative microstructured surface. It provides outstanding performance, introducing a perfect blend of aesthetics and energy efficiency. By utilizing the certified biomass balance approach and incorporating post-consumer plastic, this product enables a reduction of around 40% in CO2 emissions. It provides excellent LED hiding capabilities and high transmission, enhancing the overall appearance and energy balance of your luminaires.

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Glare control foil

less CO2 emissions than standard diffuser

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Timm Kroeger
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Julian Rikels
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