GlareControl – More controlled light, less glare

BASF GlareControl film combines glare reduction with highest aesthetical optics in one endless and truly seamless product.


The invisible patterns reduce glare in angles above 65° and increase light intensity in lower angular ranges.  That leads to improved efficiency and UGR-ratings of your luminaire body, making it ideal for office lighting applications. Suitable for applications with UGR<19 requirements.

>7000 lm
Luminous flux with UGR <19 for Lambertian-like input into foil of 58x58 cm²

Key properties and features

  • Reduces visual glare and improves Unified Glare Rating (UGR)
  • Helps luminaires comply with DIN EN 12464 glare specification
  • Endless and truly seamless glare control film
  • Pattern invisible to the eye for high aesthetics
  • Customizable in length, width and thickness
  • High quality lamination on glass, PC or PMMA possible

BASF GlareControl was chosen for the Design Plus award powered by Light + Building from more than 100 submissions and was honored as “Best of”. Design Plus is a seal of quality for products that stand out due to their readiness for the future, innovative design and energy-efficient technology; values that represent Light + Building as the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and technology. All award-winning products were presented at  Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022.

Glare control foil