Driving Innovation 

We drive innovation by developing new surface solutions, processes and markets. We identify and develop new business opportunities for us and our customers.

Globally, we are developing the coatings and surface solutions of the future providing high scratch-resistance, protection from environmental impact, improved corrosion protection and innovative color solutions. Our “Innovation Beyond Paint” program aims at developing new markets and businesses. 

As part of BASF's integrated research platform, we channel international collaboration among our large sites for research and development in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Our integrated research approach within the BASF Group and our global research network reinforce our competitive edge. 

E 100 Porträt Harald Röckel

"Research and development are the core of our business. We are constantly creating advanced coatings solutions as well as solutions beyond paint providing superior functional, ecological and economic performance."

Dr. Harald Roeckel, Division Technical Officer


nationalities work for Research & Development.


of them are women.

From the idea to the standard – milestones of our innovations

Our innovations, like waterborne basecoats, shortened paint processes and highly scratch-resistant clearcoats, set benchmarks and establish new standards. We constantly improve our processes, develop new coatings and optimize our products for functional and environmental excellence.