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In our “Beyond Paint” unit, we look beyond paint to find new coating technologies. We enable new product applications that meet the needs of our customers in a variety of emerging industries. We focus our activities on two technology clusters: Functional Films and Functional Coatings. 

“Being more sustainable, more flexible. Novel products require new functions which can be achieved by new coating concepts only. Our customers expect us to provide such solutions in order to make their products better. And we can do so.”

Jörg Lenz

Head of New Business Development

With our innovative technologies, we create solutions which…

  • create value for our customers – technically, economically and environmentally
  • are more than just the next generation of a product
  • shape the future, supporting new markets and addressing megatrends
BASF, Münster, 4.7.2019

BASF starts production of barrier films in Münster/Germany

BASF has started production of ultra-high performance moisture barrier films in a new, dedicated production plant at its BASF Coatings Headquarters in Münster/Germany. The innovative and unique technology developed since 2014 is protected by an extensive range of patents covering chemistry, products, manufacturing process and equipment.

BASF has also recently further expanded and strengthened its patent portfolio through a license agreement with Eastman Kodak Company. Under the agreement BASF acquired rights on 14 different patent families, among others, related to the deposition of thin-film materials from the gas phase onto flexible or rigid substrates.

The new technology enables continuous and highly efficient roll-to-roll manufacturing processes producing barrier films in widths up to 1.4 meter. The current products find applications in the flexible electronic and energy markets.

“Our customers appreciate the strong protection our films provide against moisture while ensuring full transparency, mechanical flexibility and superior outdoor stability”, says Joerg Lenz, Head of Beyond Paint Solutions Business Unit within BASF Coatings.