Innovations Beyond Paint - We dare to explore

In our “Beyond Paint” unit, we look beyond paint to find new coating technologies. We enable new product applications that meet the needs of our customers in a variety of emerging industries. We focus our activities on two technology clusters: Functional Films and Functional Coatings. 


“Being more sustainable, more flexible. Novel products require new functions which can be achieved by new coating concepts only. Our customers expect us to provide such solutions in order to make their products better. And we can do so.”

Joerg Lenz,  Head of New Business Development

With our innovative technologies, we create solutions which…

  • create value for our customers – technically, economically and environmentally

  • are more than just the next generation of a product

  • shape the future, supporting new markets and addressing megatrends

BASF Coatings, Münster

Functional Films

In Functional Films, we develop new coating technologies which are used to deposit functional layers in a continuous process. Using these techniques we are able to realize new surface functions. For example, such films can be used as a gas barrier film replacing glass, providing great performance while being flexible and lightweight. Other functional film solutions build on surface topologies, resulting in properties like drag reduction for aviation or wind energy applications. In this cluster, we concentrate on roll-to-roll (R2R) film coating technologies and offer ready-to-use functional films. 

basf_surface_solutions_innovation_functional coatings.jpg

Functional Coatings

In Functional Coatings, we build on BASF Coatings’ formulation competence and concentrate on new functions and substrates for coatings, like elastic substrates or optic applications. We provide our customers with products that address key requirements like protection, high design flexibility or appealing touch.