Our Venture Projects

The Digital Incubation Unit (DIU) develops digital business models and establishes corporate ventures for BASF’s Coatings division. At the DIU, we focus on the fascinating interplay between the challenges of the automotive and surface treatment industry and the opportunities offered by digital trends.

Our goal is to address pain points with digital solutions by examining potential business sectors of the future. Our mission is to be proactive in shaping today and tomorrow for BASF Coatings with disruptive digital solutions.

We have already launched some spin-off ventures and are currently developing more. In addition, we are working on some other interesting projects that are still in their early stages.  

Graphic RepairFix

Car repairs made easy
RepairFix is a software company in the automotive aftermarket. With our independent “motum” platform, we connect fleet managers, drivers and body shops in an intelligent and individual way to handle damage or maintenance. By using the latest technologies, we enable the move toward a more sustainable mobility in the automotive aftermarket.



Digital job platform

PAJOO is a digital job platform connecting European professionals from the automotive sector with body shops in a transparent and uncomplicated way. With BASF Coatings’ many years of expertise and experience in the field of automotive refinishing, the PAJOO team knows exactly what matters when it comes to good body shop employees. PAJOO’s search is therefore individual and tailored. In addition, the team helps with the pre-selection of applicants and organizes appointments, such as work on a trial basis, and formalities including the translation of labor contracts. 



Efficient container management

Tracingo is a solution for fill level measurements and location analysis of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). The project was initiated in collaboration with BASF Coatings’ Logistics unit and Container Management Münster. Manufacturers of all types of liquids and forwarding companies can use this solution to find out the location of their container and its fill level in real time. As a result, the deployment of IBCs can be planned more efficiently. Tracingo sensors are ATEX-certified and meet the highest safety requirements. 



BASF Refinish Hub.png

Crowdsourcing Tool for Paint Formulas

BASF Refinish Hub, a mobile app tailor-made for the automotive refinishing industry, enables paint technicians across Asia Pacific  to quickly search for the best formulas based on their needs. In addition to the BASF's official formulas, it encourages users to upload their own formulas, from which the uploader can gain rewards if the formulas are used by other users and considered reliable. With BASF Refinish Hub, formulas of rare and new colors become available with the power of crowdsourcing, improving the formula management tool for body shops.

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