Key Market – Furniture

BASF has one of the largest supplier portfolios of solutions for the furniture processing industry. These include glues, binders, process auxiliaries, wood preservatives, paints, pigment preparations, plastics, as well as foams for seat upholstery, leather, and much more. We observe the following trends in the furniture industry:



Environmental awareness is growing, along with a preference for natural, eco-friendly materials, upcycling and recycling techniques. Energy-efficient and sustainable production processes are aspired.



More and more people are designing their own style of living so their furniture must fit seamlessly in the home. Digitalization makes it possible for them to design their own furniture online or select components from modular systems to customize the products. In the production this increases the use of 3D printing.



Customers value reliability and durability in their furniture. High-quality materials stand up to weather conditions (e.g. UV light, water and dirt) and are easy to clean.

We have strong expertise in ...

  • Design
    We translate our color trend research into new inspiring color concepts for differentiation and can realize almost any desired design from you.
  • Material Inovation
    We develop coating formulations that protect and decorate the materials used in furniture, and give them unique functions.
  • Sustainability
    We provide products which protect and increase the lifetime of the coated furniture. We provide highly sustainable formulations based on water and natural or recycled materials. This shows how our coatings can be used in circular products.
Stefan Richter
Stefan Richter
Launch Management

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