Key Market – Vehicle Interiors

The automotive industry is a key industry for BASF. The product range includes catalysts, battery materials, plastics, foams and coatings. There are strong trends in the automotive industry like eMobility, autonomous driving and ride sharing. Cars will be designed inside-out to offer passengers either a mobile living room or functional individual transportation.

Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving enables the car driver to use the car as mobile living room or office while being whisked away to different locations. We expect there will be new materials which are more individualized such as 3D-printed objects. Touch and feel enriches materials will be used for interior design.


Ride sharing

While car owners may increase their focus on premium interior design, ride sharers want robustness and cleanliness. With more intense use of a broad range of people, materials will need to be easy to care for and durable.



The automotive interior of the future is based on lightweight, eco-friendly materials. The trend is shifting away from traditional fibers to more natural fabrics with a new touch and feel. 

We have strong expertise in ...

  • Design
    e translate our color trend research into new inspiring unique color concepts.
  • Material Inovation
    We develop coating formulations that protect and decorate the high performing materials used in automotive interior and give them unique functions
  • Sustainability
    We provide highly sustainable formulations based on water and natural or recycled materials. There are concepts how our coatings can be used on circular products.
Stefan Richter
Stefan Richter
Launch Management

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